Thursday, August 23, 2012

Reptile Trivia

I'm posting this really late, the move took it's toll.  I'm back at work in the science center today so I thought I would catch up with this post.  I plan on having a newly researched post next week and hopefully my top links for the month.

Today (August 8th, 2012) during Reptile summer camp, we played a trivia game.  I typed up the questions, so I shall share them.  Some of them are very specific to the camp, but some of them are general knowledge.

  1. Which reptile still has their teeth showing when they close their mouths?
    1. Crocodiles
  2. What continent was the viper from yesterday?
    1. Asia
  3. What is the theme of this class?
    1. Reptiles
  4. T/F: SC has crocodiles in our swamps.
    1. False
  5. T/F: All turtles can pull their necks into their shells?
    1. False
  6. T/F: All turtles have webbed feet?
    1. True
  7. What was the first snake pulled out today?
    1. Great plain rat or Corn.
  8. What country was Daisy, David's snake, native to?
    1. Kenya
  9. What are two main differences between a turtle and a tortoise shell?
    1. Weight and Shape.
  10. What is the difference between the Corn snake and the Great Plains Snake?
    1. Coloring.
  11. T/F: The Science Center has Venomous snakes.
    1. False.
  12. What is a box turtle?
    1. Tortoise.
  13. What is a terrapin?
    1. Mix between turtle and tortoise: Lives in water and on land.
  14. What reptile is a good mother?
    1. Alligator.
  15. Where is the pattern the same for both the Corn and the Great Plains snake?
    1. Belly/bottom
  16. Who won the race on Monday?
    1. Box Turtle.
  17. What type of turtle was the last shown yesterday?
    1. Sunburst turtle.
  18. T/F: Snakes are warm blooded?
    1. False.
  19. T/F: The black snake has the same pattern on his belly as the Corn snake?
    1. True.
  20. Who was the first kid of the summer to hold three snakes at once?
    1. Jason.
  21. How far south can we find corn snakes?
    1. 30 miles south of Spartanburg SC.
  22. What is the current count of sea turtle nests in SC?
    1. 4,367
  23. Which island had eleven hundred and one sea turtle nests?
    1. Cape Island
  24. When do sea turtles nest?
    1. Night.
  25. When is the end of the sea turtle nesting season?
    1. Tonight, tomorrow, last night, pretty much now.
  26. When does nesting season begin?
    1. Mid of May.
  27. Where do the eggs live in the nest?
    1. The egg chamber.
  28. How many eggs can a sea turtle lay at once?
    1. 150 eggs
  29. T/F: Leather back sea turtles are very common.
    1. False.
  30. T/F: Leather back sea turtles can weight about 1000 lbs.
    1. True.
  31. Can turtles/tortoises live without their shells?
    1. No!
  32. What is it called when fishermen use nets that are miles long?
    1. Long Line fishing.
  33. When fishermen catch something that they don't want while fishing for something else, what is it called?
    1. Bi-catch.
  34. South Carolina's state reptile is?
    1. Loggerhead Sea Turtle
  35. T/F: Cape Island is open to the public during nesting season.
    1. False.
  36. What date did the sea turtles begin nesting this year?
    1. April 30th.
  37. When will the nests be finished hatching?
    1. By the end of September/1st of October.
  38. What was the first predator to go after the baby alligator on the video yesterday?
    1. Skunk.
  39. T/F: There are snakes called Queen snakes.
    1. True.
  40. What do Queen snakes eat?
    1. Soft crayfish, they freshly shed their exoskeleton.
  41. What's David's favorite snake?
    1. Red tailed Boa.
  42. Do snakes get hungry after they shed?
    1. Yes.
  43. Can snakes bite you, even if they are not venomous?
    1. Yes, they have teeth. But that doesn't mean they will.
  44. What type of snake did David bring today?
    1. Red tail boa.
  45. How many snakes does David own?
    1. 30
  46. How many snakes has David brought in?
    1. 4.
  47. Which is longer, a crocodile or a caiman lizard?
    1. Crocodile.
  48. In snakes, which are larger, male or female?
    1. Female.
  49. In turtles, which is larger, male or female?
    1. Female.
  50. What is my favorite turtle?
    1. Sunburst turtle.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tickles: The Video

I created a video about Tickles the baby snake who died.
It's on my youtube channel.

I just wanted to share.  I really loved this snake.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Update: Moving

Hello all.  My fiance recently got a job a few hours away, and I'll be living with him part time.

What that means: I will maintain my job at the science center three days a week and spend the other four with him.

The Blog:  I can't promise posts until we get settled.
I did promise a post about the Higgs; current research links; and I would like to add a section for questions that I'm asked.  So those will be coming, my life is just a little crazy.  Also I got a comment on improving my fire post and I need to look into that.

Happy Learning!