Thursday, November 29, 2012

How to Clean Dust out of your computer without Compressed Air

Okay, Today at work a computer tower was acting up.  It was covered in dust and beeping like crazy.  I really don't know what's wrong with it, so I decide to start the only place I know, to clean it.

Dusk in a desktop, or even a laptop, can cause a lot of problems.  I try to clean mine out once a year.  Well this computer has never been cleaned.  Amung all of our cleaning supplies, we do not have a can of condensed air.  But I knew that we had a balloon hand pump!

I have to say, I've cleaned computers MANY times, but this was one of the fastest.  I always struggle to clean the fans, but the hand pump cleaned them off within seconds.  It was wonderful.

I'm going to have to get one for home.  They are cheap, I just looked up the price at party city (since it's on my way home from work) and I can spend under $10 and have a few options.

Anyway I thought I would share this discovery today.  I'm sorry I've been rather awol.  There has been a lot going on right now and I'm just trying to focus on work and home for a time.

Never stop learning or questioning!