Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Quick Update

Hello everyone, I'm just letting you know that I'm alive and working on the fire blog.  I have been exhausted and working a lot lately.

Today I had the glamorous job of cleaning out a fish tank, the same tank I cleaned last week.  It turned green again in a week.  No one expected it to, but we worked very hard on getting the tank completely cleaned.  At one point we took a brief break.  When we (we = me + boss) went back into the animal room the largest fish had jumped out of the bucket we put them in.  He was flopping around on the floor still, so it must have just happened.  I noticed him and put him back before he died.  We then put a cover over the bucket.

Oddly even after days like that I still love what I'm doing.

Tomorrow I will learn how to use the starlab a portable planetarium.  I will be going to a library with my boss and giving a few shows.  I'm starting to get nervous, but also very excited.  I haven't done a show in a little while.

This Saturday I actually have the day off!  This is the only Saturday this month I am free!  Otherwise I will work up to 6 days a week.

I plan on posting a collections of links from recent science articles I like, and hopefully doing this periodically.  I would love to do it once a week, but I'm not sure I can right now.  So I'm going to aim for twice a month posting 10-20 articles I enjoyed over the past two weeks.

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